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Selling an aircraft can be an overwhelming and time-consuming undertaking, as well as a minefield of potential hazards. Between creating high-quality, accurate advertisements, vetting potential buyers, coordinating and working through pre-purchase aircraft flight and maintenance inspections, and dealing with escrow/title companies and aircraft delivery, selling an airplane the right way is a full-time job.

Your chances of a smooth, successful transaction as well as achieving a satisfactory selling price will be greatly increased by working with the professionals at Spring City Aviation. With the experience of hundreds of aircraft transactions, both buying and selling, Spring City Aviation brings the aircraft sales expertise you will need to guide you confidently through the process and to act as a capable intermediary in your aircraft transaction. Avoid bad deals, unreasonable buyers, tire-kickers, and time-wasters by letting Spring City Aviation bring qualified buyers to the table. Once an agreement is reached, we will represent your best interests all the way through the transaction, guiding you along the way and ensuring a successful end result.

“It has been truly a pleasure working with you. Wish all deals worked as smoothly.
Thanks, John”
John B.Bell
John Bell Aircraft, Inc


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