Seaplane Training

Spring City Aviation is proud to offer Single Engine Seaplane training in our Amphibious Cessna 180.  You’ll be sure to have fun in our well-equipped C180 with plenty of fresh water lakes near by.  Many say it is simply the most fun one can have flying.  We have developed a course guide that makes training fun yet comprehensive, making you a safe and competent seaplane pilot.  

Spring City has years of float flying experience, starting with a Champ on straight floats; for the past 10 years, we have operated the Amphibious C180.  It is equipped with a WAAS Garmin 430, full IFR instrumentation and best of all, Amphibious Floats.  The rating usually takes pilots around 5 to 10 hours, depending on pilot experience and currency.  Training is focused primarily on water takeoffs and landings, judging wind conditions while on the lake, docking, beaching, step & idle taxi techniques and other pertinent maneuvers. 

The C180 is both a High Performance and Complex aircraft, providing pilots with the opportunity to earn both endorsements during their training.

Training and currency flying can be set to your pace. Have fun flying to a Friday Fish Fry on the lake, or train at an accelerated pace to earn your rating quickly. Simply let us know you goals; we are always willing to accommodate.  Seaplane season in Southern Wisconsin generally runs from around April 15th through the end of November, depending on weather (we will suspend seaplane training once the ambient temperature is consistently below about 40 degrees Fahrenheit).

To discuss your training, set up an introductory flight or meet in person, please contact the general manager of our Burlington location, Paul Aydt.  He can be reached at 262-342-5003, or  Spring City Aviation’s Seaplane is based out of our Burlington office.