2018 Husky A-1C-180, VFR 130 Hours Total Time, In like new condition!

-Aft stowage access (R/H and L/H)
-Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller
-G796, MVP-50 Engine Monitor, Digital AI, PM3000 Intercom, GTX345 with ADS-B In & Out, Traffic, Weather
-Tundra Tires
-LED Taxi and Landing Lights
-Cooling Lip, B&C Oil Filter
-Rear seat heat and defrost June 2021 Annual, $302,500

N2JA, 1976 Cessna 421C; Robertson STOL, excellent paint and interior, WAAS, MFD, EDM 960 Engine Monitor | $225,000 | Contact Gavin for details!

N62598, 1942 Custom Stearman 450HP – $90,000 | Contact Gavin for details!