1975 Lear Jet 25B, 6700TT, ADS-B Compliant, inspections current. Engines on condition with recent Hot Section inspections. Fly 400 + Knots! Contact Gavin for more information!

N2JA, 1976 Cessna 421C; Robertson STOL, excellent paint and interior, WAAS, MFD, EDM 960 Engine Monitor | $237,000 | Contact Gavin for details!

1976 Piper Cherokee Cruiser 150HP. 3500TT/1300 SMOH. Wheel pants, Vortex Generators, September 2021 Annual inspection, clean! $44,500.

1971 Cessna 150 Aerobat – Contact Gavin for details!

N62598, 1942 Custom Stearman 450HP – $90,000 | Contact Gavin for details!

Aircraft Hangar at Burlington Municipal Airport (KBUU) – 2,000 square feet, finished walls and ceiling, epoxy floors, bi-fold door, 100-amp electrical. Reduced to $123,000